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Transcript transcription

In 2023, in the village of Sainte-Blandine, south of Rimouski, two teenagers are walking and talking to each other.

Laura and William are on their way to visit their grandfather Brisson.

He lives in a beautiful 19th-century house. He has invited his grandchildren over for a surprise. They wonder what he has in store for them.

In the office, Brisson reaches down and picks up a scale model of a house.

While Laura exclaims how beautiful the model is, William thinks he recognizes it...

“Yes,” says the grandfather. “It’s the model of my house!”

“Your Great Grandpa Claude and his two brothers built the entire scale model of Sainte-Blandine village, exactly as it was in 1925.”

The grandfather tells how, in the winter of 1981, the three Brisson brothers built the model of their village to celebrate the centennial of Sainte-Blandine.

He shows his grandchildren the actual room they are in within the model and asks them to look at the details inside.

The grandfather turns to a chest nearby.

“This is what I wanted to show you today! This chest contains objects that will allow you to travel through time and space.”

“Throughout your adventure, these four items will be essential to you... First, a camera and a logbook. They contain all the stories of the eras you will discover.”

“Here is your travel bag,” he says. “You will need it to collect all the objects you will find in the spheres, through the centuries.”

“And here is your map! It indicates the places you can visit in the St. Lawrence Estuary. The journey will take you from inland regions to the banks of the river.”

While his grandfather rummages through the chest, William opens the bag and looks inside. Suddenly, the model of the house is drawn to the bag and magically absorbed!

Mr. Brisson places a luminous sphere on the table and says: “The chest contains 10 spheres like this one. All you need to do is gaze deeply into the glass sphere to begin your journey.”

Laura and William stare wide-eyed at the sphere their grandfather has just placed on the map.

William clutches the travel bag. Suddenly, a magical spiral pulls the siblings through time and space!

They can hear their grandfather's voice echoing in the distance: “Use the map, the book and the travel bag well...”.