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Wolastoqiyik: lacqessut

Mi’kmaq: u'ta'qan

A paddle is an object used to maneuver a watercraft, such as a canoe. It is often made from a single piece of hardwood, and its blade, the flat, wide end, provides a firm grip in the water. The other end serves as a handle, making the paddle easier to steer and more comfortable for the paddler.

Poles are also used for navigation, especially in rapids, to maintain the boat’s stability, avoid obstacles or move forward, but also to stop. Both men and women take part in maneuvering the canoes.


Origin: Digital 3D drawing


Laberge, M. (1996). Création d’une nouvelle iconographie sur les algonquiens du Nord-Est de l’Amérique à partir de données ethno-historiques datant d’avant 1760 [The creation of a new iconography of the Algonquians of North-East America using pre-1760 ethno-historical data] [Doctoral dissertation, Université Laval]. CorpusUL. https://corpus.ulaval.ca/bitstreams/ad9a212e-0edb-496f-abf3-1ab25c05f6b3/download

Illustration: Paddle