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A jug is a bulging vase with a narrow opening, used to store beverages, oil, vinegar, or other liquids. They can also be used to carry provisions bought at the general store, the typical shop in rural areas.

This item is always found in households. Jugs are typically made of stoneware or terracotta. Usually, a glaze is applied to the inner surface to make it less porous for better storage of liquids. This jug is decorated with painted flower and plant motifs, a common ornamentation.

It was made in the 19th century by the Farrar family factory, located in the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu region. Originally from the United States, the Farrars brought stoneware pottery in the New England fashion. Their business is specialized in the manufacture of practical pottery objects.


Date: 19th century

Origin: North America

Owner: Site historique de la maison Lamontagne.


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Illustration: Jug