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Pipe wrench

This is a pipe wrench, also known as a Stillson wrench, named after its inventor. The inventor filed a patent application for this tool in the United States in 1869, when he was working as a mechanic in a heating equipment factory.

This wrench has a removable jaw articulated by a wheel (nut) on a rod (toothed rod), which allows the adjustment. The angled teeth on the jaws are the most innovative feature of the tool, as they allow for a better grip on smooth, circular surfaces like pipes.

In addition to designing new objects, the blacksmith is also responsible for repairing objects of all kinds. To do so, they need a variety of tools like this one.


Date: 1869–1950

Origin: North America

Owner: Forge Saint-Laurent. Saint-Anaclet-de-Lessard.


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A history of 100 years of valve manufacturing: The story of the Walworth Company Inc. oldest manufacturer of valve and fittings in the United States. (1945). Walworth Company Inc.

Illustration: Pipe wrench