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In the Christian faith, the crucifix symbolizes the Crucifixion, the moment when Jesus, the son of God, died nailed to a cross. The inscription INRI at the top of the cross is a Latin acronym for “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”.

Since Jesus Christ is the basis of the Christian faith, his death and resurrection are celebrated every year. Good Friday is the day of his death and Easter Sunday is the day of his resurrection. The date of these two holidays varies each year, as Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the first moon of spring.

The crucifix is a very important symbol of worship for the faithful and is found not only in churches, but also in homes, businesses, places of administration, and schools.

The sign of the cross, when the faithful gesture it, is used to show their belonging to the Catholic religion and to recognize the sacredness of a place, such as a church: It is said that they cross or bless themselves.


Date: 1869–1950

Origin: North America

Owner: Fabrique de la paroisse Saint-Donat. Saint-Donat.


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Illustration: Crucifix