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This type of knife is introduced by the Europeans in New France. Mounted on a wooden handle, the metal blade revolutionized the existing technologies of the Indigenous people by facilitating daily tasks.

The knife can be used to prepare food, and to cut up game or fish. It is also a common item traded in the fur trade.

This one is inscribed “For Chamblie” and “1759”, which may suggest that it was made or used at that time and place. Since it was found in Pennsylvania in the 20th century, one might even imagine that it was taken from a French militiaman by British soldiers during the Seven Years War.


Date: 18th century 

Origin: Pennsylvania

Owner: Vieux Moulin—Hydromellerie et miellerie. “Musée de la Neufve-France” private collection. Sainte-Flavie.

Illustration: Knife